Find the Fat!


The year 8 super sleuths have been charged with finding some takeaway meals for a person with Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  People with CF need lots of extra Kj from fat to help them have the energy they need to live, breathe and be healthy.  Remember that fat provides 37.8Kj per gram, plus vitamins A & D.  People with CF also need meals that still provide all the nutrients that everyone needs for healthy daily living.  These nutrients include protein, carbohydrates and fibre.


Your task is to find the nutritional information on the Australian  websites of Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds, Hungry Jacks and any other fast food manufacturer you can think of.  You then need to copy the table below into a Microsoft Word document, and fill in the relevant details. 



Food Items

Serving Size



Fat total

Fat saturated

Carbs total

Carbs sugars











































































How much fat can you get into a meal which also contains reasonable amounts of other nutrients?


Using the info from the fast food providers, come up with a meal that best meets the needs of our person with CF.  In your Microsoft Word document, list the meal that you are recommending, and discuss the good and bad points about this meal


Once you know how to generate a high fat meal, have a go at creating a meal which contains minimal fat and minimal sugar.  In your document, list and evaluate the low fat/sugar meal. 


Why is it important to limit sugar as well as fat for the average healthy person?


Email your results to Mrs Jackson via myclasses.